Call For Papers

Update: Paper submission deadline extended until 30th March 2009

A new wave of interactive 3D applications rises from the World Wide Web. New technologies are emerging and existing technologies are evolving to enable the third dimension in web browsers. This also leads to the appearance of a new generation of consumers and producers of 3D content in the new Read-Write Web environment.

14th in the series, the Web3D 2009 International Symposium will address this wide range of topics covering 3D hypermedia on the web. The annual Web3D Symposium is a major event, which unites researchers, developers, experimenters, and content creators in a dynamic learning environment. Attendees share and explore methods of using, enhancing, and creating new 3D web and multimedia technologies, such as X3D, VRML, COLLADA, Croquet, MPEG4, Java3D, and Canvas3D. The symposium will also address new trends such as interactive 3D graphics applications on mobile devices.

Authors are invited to submit their work (short or full papers) for review by the international Program Committee. Both research and applications papers are of interest to Web3D 2009. The papers must be innovative and contribute to the advancement of 3D multimedia technologies on the web.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Interactive 3D graphics and immersive systems for servers, desktop and thin clients
  • High-performance 3D graphics for Virtual Worlds, MMO environments, Mixed and Augmented Reality, and interactive on-line gaming
  • Animated humanoids and complex reactive characters
  • Integration and interoperation between 3D documents and web/multimedia technologies, including the Semantic Web
  • Methods for modeling and rendering complex geometry, structures and behaviors
  • User-interface paradigms and interaction methods for real-time 3D graphics and virtual environments
  • Innovative 3D web applications in industry, science, medicine, culture, entertainment and education
  • Novel 3D content creation technologies and tools – including both on-line and off-line content creation
  • Interactive 3D graphics for mobile devices like Smartphones, PDAs and UMPCs

Authors are invited to submit full papers of up to 9 pages (including figures and references) or short papers of up to 4 pages (including figures and references) in PDF format via the Symposium Submission Site . Papers must be formatted using the document templates for conferences sponsored by ACM SIGGRAPH. After acceptance, the final revised paper is required also in camera-ready electronic form. Accepted papers will appear in the Symposium Proceedings, published by ACM Press.

Important dates (update!)

  • Submission deadline: March 30th, 2009 (extended deadline)
  • End of Review: April 15th, 2009
  • Notification to authors: April 20th, 2009
  • Final material delivery: April 27th, 2009

Information and questions can be sent to Program Chair: [email protected]


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